c’mon and SMASHthegenre!

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It’s sure been a while, now, hasn’t it, dears? That’s my bad. That’s my bad, entirely, but it’s also for a later post that I promise will happen. I’m getting back on track with the doing-things-on-the-internet lifestyle, because being a presence here in this gigantic mash of creativity is a dream of mine, and it’s time to work on making that happen!

That’s where SMASH comes in! SMASHthegenre is now LIVE to the public! What is it? It’s something, that’s for sure.

SMASH is an online writing forum that I began working on at the end of November 2015, and brought out of hiding at the beginning of 2016 for a small group of friends that I had made during NaNoWriMo. I didn’t want to lose these creative minds and friendships after the hectic November event was over, so I barreled forward with an idea I’ve had for years but never before been able to execute. With support, lots of energy drinks, skype calls, and a little last-minute BB Coding for Dummies, SMASHthegenre came into being.

You can read more about the SMASH manifesto on the forum. Let me break it down quick though: SMASH is a forum for sharing your own writing, to read the stories of other writers, and to offer critiques, advice, and good ol’ fashioned friendship. There is also a members’ only chat room that is available 24/7, where we all come together to talk about writing and life in general, set up timed writing sprints to keep each other productive, and on Saturdays, we have set discussions on certain topics (so far, we’ve discussed such things as POV, Setting, and Dialogue).

What do I hope to achieve with SMASH? I’m not entirely sure, yet. I’m growing right along with it, learning new things daily and discovering different things that I can bring to the table to make it a fun, interactive place for other writers. Like I say in the manifesto, if all I do in the end is bring five people together to share their passion, then that’s enough for me.

keep rioting, xo. shilo christina