think of a coal seam fire waiting for the right time to set the forest above it alight.
think of a girl with enough going on in her mind to lose control, and think of the riot she’ll begin.

think of a community for writers of any kind and creed. that’s what SMASHthegenre is. that’s what we can turn it into. SMASHthegenre is a writing collective created at the beginning of 2016. it’s a forum and a chatroom meant to bring writers together to share our works and discuss writing styles and ideas, find help and advice, and simply befriend fellow writers. 

in time for NaNoWriMo 2016, SMASHthegenre brings some new and improved features to its members:

✦ the #SMASHthegenre Discord server, complete with several specific channels (including a members-only channel, a NaNoWriMo channel, and even an “after dark” channel ;D ), an easy to access voice chat, and some really awesome bots created by one of our very own moderators!
✦ the #SMASHspotlight: the chance for every member to get their 15 minutes of fame, either to ask for dedicated help on their project, or just to answer questions and let their ego bloom. twice the encouragement with none of the interruptions.
✦ a freshly organized, user-friendly forum waiting for your stories, questions, advice, recommendations, and more! 
SMASHthefacebook page is here! keep updated more easily with announcements and posts made often by the moderators and members.
✦ for the gamers: we even have a SMASHthegenre group on Steam. friend other members and kick ass in some shoot-’em-ups!

SMASHthegenre continues to grow as more and more amazing writers join us to help shape a creative space online dedicated to writing.

♥ shilo christina (rioteer)

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