the rioteer

obnoxious is my middle name

shi­lo christi­na /​/​ cheap­thrilling /​/​ rio­teer

27 years old (sept. 6th). cana­di­an. gyp­sy. vir­go. bud­dhist. genre-crash­ing fic­tion nov­el­ist. lip biter. avid hor­ror fanat­ic. future ex-mrs. mal­colm. indie queen. col­lec­tor of globes, polaroid cam­eras, and note­books with hip­ster quotes on the front like “all good things are wild and free.” part-time griefer. i n f j (if you’re into that sor­ta thing). pan­sex­u­al (if you’re into that sor­ta thing). hope­less roman­tic. embroi­der­er. list mak­er. now-and-then painter. lip­stick enthu­si­ast. hip­ster or so i’m told, and so, so, so many oth­er things that come togeth­er to cre­ate a person.

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Life isn’t meant to be qui­et. Life isn’t patient, it’s not easy, it’s not some­thing to be under­stood and set­tled for. Who you are and the life you make for your­self should be some­thing ever-chang­ing. Some­thing chaot­ic. You should be for­ev­er start­ing a riot with­in yourself.

The name fauxRI­OT came to me in 2009, when I was try­ing to decide on a name for a closed forum that would be a sort of dump­ing ground for all of my writ­ing. With dozens of projects in mind, and the want to exper­i­ment with how I wrote all of them, I knew I was look­ing at a riot wait­ing to hap­pen, but the dif­fer­ence was that it was fic­tion­al. Any­thing that got out of hand was only an imi­ta­tion, an almost con­trolled sort of chaos. A fauxRIOT.