riots in mind

and here, one day, you will learn about all my writing projects. that day is not today, though, and i’m sure that if you check this page tomorrow, that won’t be the day either. for now, have some teasers:

alpha (complex): horror fantasy. co-written.
i will kill you to keep you.” werewolves. twin brothers.

among thieves: action.
the world becomes us.” treasure hunters. skeletons.

cirque des maudits: historical fantasy.
do you need a soul to believe in magic?” french gypsies. curses.

civil street: restitution & retrogression: transgressive.
why did you run away?” abandoned kids. abandoned streets.

clover square: trangressive. co-written.
this city is in pain.” skyscrapers. jinxes.

the de sade virus: post-apocalyptic. co-written.
you take that chance, and you live your life.” ferals. convoys.

the forgetting boy: historical fantasy.
we’ll find the time.” one immortal boy. ten forgotten lives.

holy as a flatline: science fiction.
you’ll either end or begin this.” do-not-press red. technophobia.

the hotel vereor: horror. co-written.
you need to respect fear.” one by one. room 1272.

the l.e.t.h.e. project: crime thriller. co-written.
who you think you are doesn’t exist.” memory control. malfunctions.

my mother, the housewife. my mother, the murderer: crime thriller.
we couldn’t live in a nicer neighbourhood.” yellow dish gloves. electric knives.

of the three: fantasy. co-written.
we are young in an old world.” deities. gospel.

our own con: transgressive. co-written.
everything else is card tricks.” best friends. blackmail.

a tinker’s damn: steampunk.
you either choke on your blood or the dust.” mercenaries. blood money.

an unfit crown: modern. co-written.
they’ll call you king.” enemy princes. enemy lovers.

untitled: science fiction. co-written.
this is a supernova waiting to happen.” space soldiers. rebel cowards.