riots in mind

and here, one day, you will learn about all my writ­ing projects. that day is not today, though, and i’m sure that if you check this page tomor­row, that won’t be the day either. for now, have some teasers:

alpha (com­plex): hor­ror fan­ta­sy. co-written.
i will kill you to keep you.” were­wolves. twin brothers.

among thieves: action.
the world becomes us.” trea­sure hunters. skeletons.

cirque des mau­dits: his­tor­i­cal fantasy.
do you need a soul to believe in mag­ic?” french gyp­sies. curses.

civ­il street: resti­tu­tion & ret­ro­gres­sion: trans­gres­sive.
why did you run away?” aban­doned kids. aban­doned streets.

clover square: tran­gres­sive. co-written.
this city is in pain.” sky­scrap­ers. jinxes.

the de sade virus: post-apoc­a­lyp­tic. co-written.
you take that chance, and you live your life.” fer­als. convoys.

the for­get­ting boy: his­tor­i­cal fantasy.
we’ll find the time.” one immor­tal boy. ten for­got­ten lives.

holy as a flat­line: sci­ence fiction.
you’ll either end or begin this.” do-not-press red. technophobia.

the hotel vere­or: hor­ror. co-written.
you need to respect fear.” one by one. room 1272.

the l.e.t.h.e. project: crime thriller. co-written.
who you think you are does­n’t exist.” mem­o­ry con­trol. malfunctions.

my moth­er, the house­wife. my moth­er, the mur­der­er: crime thriller.
we could­n’t live in a nicer neigh­bour­hood.” yel­low dish gloves. elec­tric knives.

of the three: fan­ta­sy. co-writ­ten.
we are young in an old world.” deities. gospel.

our own con: trans­gres­sive. co-writ­ten.
every­thing else is card tricks.” best friends. blackmail.

a tin­ker’s damn: steam­punk.
you either choke on your blood or the dust.” mer­ce­nar­ies. blood money.

an unfit crown: mod­ern. co-written.
they’ll call you king.” ene­my princes. ene­my lovers.

unti­tled: sci­ence fic­tion. co-written.
this is a super­no­va wait­ing to hap­pen.” space sol­diers. rebel cowards.