think of a coal seam fire wait­ing for the right time to set the for­est above it alight.
think of a girl with enough going on in her mind to lose con­trol, and think of the riot she’ll begin.

think of a com­mu­ni­ty for writ­ers of any kind and creed. that’s what SMASHthe­genre is. that’s what we can turn it into. SMASHthe­genre is a writ­ing col­lec­tive cre­at­ed at the begin­ning of 2016. it’s a forum and a cha­t­room meant to bring writ­ers togeth­er to share our works and dis­cuss writ­ing styles and ideas, find help and advice, and sim­ply befriend fel­low writ­ers. 

in time for NaNoW­riMo 2016, SMASHthe­genre brings some new and improved fea­tures to its mem­bers:

✦ the #SMASHthe­genre Dis­cord serv­er, com­plete with sev­er­al spe­cif­ic chan­nels (includ­ing a mem­bers-only chan­nel, a NaNoW­riMo chan­nel, and even an “after dark” chan­nel ;D ), an easy to access voice chat, and some real­ly awe­some bots cre­at­ed by one of our very own mod­er­a­tors!
✦ the #SMASHspot­light: the chance for every mem­ber to get their 15 min­utes of fame, either to ask for ded­i­cat­ed help on their project, or just to answer ques­tions and let their ego bloom. twice the encour­age­ment with none of the inter­rup­tions.
✦ a fresh­ly orga­nized, user-friend­ly forum wait­ing for your sto­ries, ques­tions, advice, rec­om­men­da­tions, and more! 
SMASHthe­face­book page is here! keep updat­ed more eas­i­ly with announce­ments and posts made often by the mod­er­a­tors and mem­bers.
✦ for the gamers: we even have a SMASHthe­genre group on Steam. friend oth­er mem­bers and kick ass in some shoot-’em-ups!

SMASHthe­genre con­tin­ues to grow as more and more amaz­ing writ­ers join us to help shape a cre­ative space online ded­i­cat­ed to writ­ing.

♥ shi­lo christi­na (rio­teer)

c’mon and SMASHthegenre!

SMASH. transparent logo

It’s sure been a while, now, hasn’t it, dears? That’s my bad. That’s my bad, entire­ly, but it’s also for a lat­er post that I promise will hap­pen. I’m get­ting back on track with the doing-things-on-the-inter­net lifestyle, because being a pres­ence here in this gigan­tic mash of cre­ativ­i­ty is a dream of mine, and it’s time to work on mak­ing that hap­pen!

That’s where SMASH comes in! SMASHthe­genre is now LIVE to the pub­lic! What is it? It’s some­thing, that’s for sure.

SMASH is an online writ­ing forum that I began work­ing on at the end of Novem­ber 2015, and brought out of hid­ing at the begin­ning of 2016 for a small group of friends that I had made dur­ing NaNoW­riMo. I didn’t want to lose these cre­ative minds and friend­ships after the hec­tic Novem­ber event was over, so I bar­reled for­ward with an idea I’ve had for years but nev­er before been able to exe­cute. With sup­port, lots of ener­gy drinks, skype calls, and a lit­tle last-minute BB Cod­ing for Dum­mies, SMASHthe­genre came into being.

You can read more about the SMASH man­i­festo on the forum. Let me break it down quick though: SMASH is a forum for shar­ing your own writ­ing, to read the sto­ries of oth­er writ­ers, and to offer cri­tiques, advice, and good ol’ fash­ioned friend­ship. There is also a mem­bers’ only chat room that is avail­able 24/​7, where we all come togeth­er to talk about writ­ing and life in gen­er­al, set up timed writ­ing sprints to keep each oth­er pro­duc­tive, and on Sat­ur­days, we have set dis­cus­sions on cer­tain top­ics (so far, we’ve dis­cussed such things as POV, Set­ting, and Dia­logue).

What do I hope to achieve with SMASH? I’m not entire­ly sure, yet. I’m grow­ing right along with it, learn­ing new things dai­ly and dis­cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent things that I can bring to the table to make it a fun, inter­ac­tive place for oth­er writ­ers. Like I say in the man­i­festo, if all I do in the end is bring five peo­ple togeth­er to share their pas­sion, then that’s enough for me.

keep rioting, xo. shilo christina