what’s white and red and got a good beat? | music review

Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of this post. It’s not entirely a review, and it’s only half of a Top 10 list, and it’s a very obscure collection. But it’s here, and it’s something I like and want to share, and best of all, it’s creepy and a good way to send off Halloween.

How do I describe this list of music videos? Let’s see… My favourite types of music videos fall into two categories: either they tell a story, or they’ve rooted you in place with utterly morbid and macabre scenery. If I’m lucky, it does both. I’m a fan of stark contrasts, blacks and whites with splashes of colour. I like chaos, as the name of this blog, the tagline written all over it, and my signature can attest to.

What I love, is watching something fall apart. Not so much in the way of a demolition, or destruction, but… degeneration (wow that’s a lot of words for the same thing that start with D). That visual reminder, that perfection is unattainable, is comforting to someone who struggles with trying to prove otherwise on a daily basis. I read stories about characters and worlds that crumble in one way or another. I watch movies that make my skin crawl with rooms that change around the character (a la the descent into the Other World in Silent Hill (both movie and game) or the several environmental changes that room in the book/movie 1408 goes through).

I search for music that can give me the same feeling. When it includes a music video that does the same? Bonus! Here’s my top 5 favourite music videos that have that things-are-not-perfect-and-I-am-going-to-pieces vibe.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Every one of the videos on this list uses effects to allude to massive quantities of blood. If you’re not a fan of horror/gore, you definitely might not want to check these out, sorry. I’ll put a brief summary with each title so you can use your own discretion.
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