what’s white and red and got a good beat? | music review

Admit­ted­ly, I’m not entire­ly sure of the pur­pose of this post. It’s not entire­ly a review, and it’s only half of a Top 10 list, and it’s a very obscure col­lec­tion. But it’s here, and it’s some­thing I like and want to share, and best of all, it’s creepy and a good way to send off Hal­loween.

How do I describe this list of music videos? Let’s see... My favourite types of music videos fall into two cat­e­gories: either they tell a sto­ry, or they’ve root­ed you in place with utter­ly mor­bid and macabre scenery. If I’m lucky, it does both. I’m a fan of stark con­trasts, blacks and whites with splash­es of colour. I like chaos, as the name of this blog, the tagline writ­ten all over it, and my sig­na­ture can attest to.

What I love, is watch­ing some­thing fall apart. Not so much in the way of a demo­li­tion, or destruc­tion, but... degen­er­a­tion (wow that’s a lot of words for the same thing that start with D). That visu­al reminder, that per­fec­tion is unat­tain­able, is com­fort­ing to some­one who strug­gles with try­ing to prove oth­er­wise on a dai­ly basis. I read sto­ries about char­ac­ters and worlds that crum­ble in one way or anoth­er. I watch movies that make my skin crawl with rooms that change around the char­ac­ter (a la the descent into the Oth­er World in Silent Hill (both movie and game) or the sev­er­al envi­ron­men­tal changes that room in the book/​movie 1408 goes through).

I search for music that can give me the same feel­ing. When it includes a music video that does the same? Bonus! Here’s my top 5 favourite music videos that have that things-are-not-per­fect-and-I-am-going-to-pieces vibe.

WARNING/​DISCLAIMER: Every one of the videos on this list uses effects to allude to massive quantities of blood. If you’re not a fan of horror/​gore, you definitely might not want to check these out, sorry. I’ll put a brief summary with each title so you can use your own discretion.
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